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Dreams without a home is a project to give Burmese refugee kids a voice. They have a chance to tell their dreams, their wishes and their situation. This movie is told by them and for them. Thus we try to get bigger attention on them and give their dreams the chance to become true.







These children and their families live on a landfill in Northern Thailand. They are originally from Burma but famine, the military junta, landmines and poverty forced them to leave their home country to survive. As they say, their lives are better living on a dump site of a country where they have no legal residence compared to their old lives in Burma. Some of these refugees have lived in these mountains of trash for a number of years . For their livelihood, they collect recycling trash, sort it and sell it making about 2$ a day. There are very few options for them to leave their unfortunate and unhealthy situation.

For more information about the background of these refugee families living on the landfill, please read this link: THE SITUATION ON THE LANDFILL


There are about 100 children who live on the landfill. Some were born there while some have escaped from Burma with their parents. Until they are about ten years of age, they spend their days playing on the mountains of garbage. They play bowling games with old batteries, read old magazines or play hide and seek. The children also like to go swimming in the lake, which is located right in the middle of the rubbish dump. There is also a school close by for the refugee children to attend, run by an NGO. But not all kids visit the Bluesky School. Most of them have to work with their parents collecting and sorting trash to contribute to the low family income. Others have to watch their younger brothers and sisters and do household chores while their parents dig through the loads of fresh incoming trash.

Yet in all this tragedy, reality shifts through the eyes of the children. When you spend time with them on the landfill, it is difficult to know whether to cry or laugh. Many of them were born on the landfill and have never left these poisonous mountains. But from the children’s perspective, their environment turns into a big playground; trash becomes treasure and every day offers new adventures. In between old plastic bags and swarms of flies, the fantastical dreams of these children blossom. Maybe this is simply the naivety of a child or perhaps a positive, optimistic dreamworld they have created to deal with their reality – whatever the reason, the divergence in reality between these dreams and their actual surroundings couldn't be any bigger.
This film is told strictly from the point of view of these children. The playful positive world of the children, and the stark contrast between this and the depressing reality of their situation, is hauntingly bittersweet. This is a story about elusive happiness, unbroken dignity and powerful dreams.



With this movie we want to give these children a voice to be heard. We want their dreams not to die but to grow. We want them to have a chance at being able to leave this dreadful situation and live. We want the attention to be on THEM.